Apartment real estate experts Limassol 2024

High quality real estate investment agency Limassol, Cyprus: We help buyers of our properties to sell them when needed. To do this, our group of companies includes a licensed real estate agency (Reg. No: 1043, License No: 61/E). In 2020, we have developed and implemented a new line of business – management of properties. Within the framework of this direction, we manage the complexes we have built. We monitor their cleanliness, maintain swimming pools and landscaped gardens, monitor the proper functioning of technical systems. In short, we ensure the maintenance of the properties at the highest level. We also provide services for the full furnishing of apartments and rent. Discover extra information at houses for sale in Cyprus.

On your arrival you will meet one of directors or a manager of the Alliance. In course of communication your requirements will become more specific and will be more thoroughly discussed and opinions will be exchanged. Then the sales managers will show you those properties that have been discussed at previous stages. As a result of site visits you will meet our directors in order to summarize the impressions of the visits and outline a plan of further activities. Surely, sometimes our clients happen to find a house or an apartment they have long dreamed of on the pages of our web site. Then it would come to nothing more than viewing that property. Anyway once you finally fix upon this or that property(ies) and say: “This is it! I am buying this!” we will proceed to transaction execution.

The essence of contract deposition is that the public register processes and secures the status of your ownership. From now on only you can, in particular, mortgage yourproperty while the vendor will be unable to do it any longer as henceforth you hold the first right of claim. Simultaneously with deposition, a payment of a small Stamp Duty is made, that is described in Section “Taxes” in detail. Upon full payment of the property and on signing of a Delivery note, you will receive keys for your property and will become a beneficial owner possessing this property.

Despite the fact that foreigners have virtually a feel of being almost at home in hospitable Cyprus, one always wants to get a recommendation in matters like looking for a good doctor or a lawyer. All the more so that advertising of legal services is against the Law in Cyprus. In case you apply to us with a similar request we are willing to reference a law office, the competent and professional work of which we are well familiar with. We can also suggest that you observe recommendations by British High Commission (Consular Department of the British Embassy to Cyprus). Please, follow the link to contact them. Then you can download a list of lawyers* in various cities of Cyprus. You certainly have a perfect right to apply to any other lawyer or law office.

In case you have purchased an apartment or a townhouse you will most likely not have to monitor the condition of your property when you are away from Cyprus. In the event that you have purchased a house and do not live in it on a permanent basis you will have to see to keeping your garden and probably fruit trees as well as swimming pool in an appropriate order. The Managing company of the Alliance at your request is ready to provide experienced and professional experts to you who will take care of your garden and swimming pool. We are also willing to provide you all the necessary assistance in case you wish afterwards to rent out or sell the property you have purchased.

Cyprus is a European country on the one hand. There is democracy and order there. On the other hand the whole Cyprus life is wrapped around by the spirit of openness and lightness opposite to the heavy spirit of pedantry and life according to the rules. One of the reasons is surely small size of the country where people know one another. One can come to a bakery and, having forgotten to bring along money, ask to be allowed to take a loaf of bread and to bring the money later on. Cypriots are not xenophobes. In contrast to residents of many other countries Cypriots historically treat foreigners very well. Almost all the Cypriots speak English and at a high level at that. Cypriots gladly and willingly marry foreigners. Read extra information on CDA group.