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Advertise property online with real estate guides from LiveIO? is a trendy real estate portal focused at helping real estate agents and individuals to sell real estate properties in EU. We will also discuss about some real estate recommendations combined with some analysis of 2019-2020 real estate market trends in EU.

Asian investment will increase, however this is causing some pressure on the core end of the market with 70% of PWC survey respondents either agreeing or strongly agreeing that prime assets are over-priced, especially if we consider cases like Spain or Portugal. To provide you a better overview, we invite you to have a look on the main subjects that will impact real estate market in Europe during 2020. In the U.S., the situation is different. After years of steady growth and low interest rates, there will be an economic slowdown during 2020. Although many real estate and financial gurus expect a correction, and new opportunities may arise due to technology, demographic changes, and the continued winding-down of traditional retail. Last but not least, all around the globe, new markets and actors will be coming into the catwalk during 2020. Now, let’s find out what will be the main trends in the real estate market in Europe during 2020.

Risky versus stable real estate: where are the best places to invest in real estate? On one hand, we have the core, established property markets that hardly saw any crisis. On the other hand, main European capitals such as London and Paris are considered a safe haven for real estate. The UK, France, and Germany, for example, took the bulk of investment volume accounting for more than 70% of transactions prior to 2016-17 and remain the firm favorites for investors. Certain neighboring countries in southern Europe, as well as some countries in the north and in central Europe, had more volatile markets earlier in the decade but are now experiencing growth. The UK has so far weathered the threat of Brexit uncertainty, with London continuing to experience strong demand and competition for its best stock. Rail projects such as Crossrail and HS2 are leading to increased investment into areas such as Birmingham, Essex, and Berkshire. Meanwhile, Manchester and the North East region are also benefiting from multi-million pound investment projects. Read extra info Real Estate Advertising Portal.

Now let’s discuss about several real estate tricks for sellers: Marketing with flyers! Your social reach may be huge, but you won’t be able to reach people you don’t know. Flyers change that. Several key terms have been proven to increase sales, so you’ll definitely want them seen. Try the following: luxurious, captivating, impeccable, upgraded. You’ll soon see how powerful a tool language really is. Leverage social media: Post regularly to your Facebook business page and any other social media platform you use. Videos make the best marketing content. Upload a video showing off a spectacular property to get people interested; or make a video where you’re talking about your favorite listing and giving advice. Make sure to share, share and share some more. Videos, articles and listings all make great, smart content for your Facebook page.

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