Software investment banking

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As premiere fintech investment bankers, Wellesley Hills Financial is a leader in Fintech mergers and acquisitions. Their clients range from SAAS companies looking to sell to tech giants looking to buy. With an expert team of professionals that excel in software investment banking, they can help you navigate the process from beginning to end. There are ample investors actively looking to put up capital to high-growth, recurring revenue business models. So if you are thinking about buying, selling, or merging within the Fintech space, give WHF a call today to learn how they can help you experience a successful transaction.

The digitization of money and commerce is not an aberration – it’s a 21st Century movement. With curiosity, knowledge, competency, and insight we’ve positioned ourselves to ably lead our clients through this exciting transformation. Even more so now than ever before, as this post-pandemic world has meaningfully affected our focus verticals, catalyzing technological innovation in response to changing consumer behaviours. It is through the prism of current and future market conditions that we extrapolate today’s sector trends to one, three, five, and ten year horizons, creating forward-looking client strategies with maximum optionality.

Our investment banking practice has been dedicated to serving the best in fintech and software since 2007. Our worldview is shaped and informed by the leading-edge of financial, payments, and integrated SaaS technologies. We believe it’s our responsibility to constantly monitor, explore, evaluate, and understand the latest market trends, conditions, and products that will drive fintech and software into the future. We embrace these forward looking technologies – they’re in our DNA.

In addition to our fintech and SaaS investment banking offerings, WH Financial offers an array of professional services to guide and advise our clients through the corporate life cycle. Our best-of-breed financial modeling, valuation work, and analytics offer powerful insights for use in internal strategy development and evaluation. 

Increased scrutiny in today’s transactional and investment environment continues to require board members to be faithful to their fiduciary duties throughout the M&A process. Our fairness opinion service provides boards with the highest quality opinion of value to satisfactorily carry-out their duties, strengthening oversight and protecting shareholder value.

We’ve never been more optimistic about the technology verticals we cover. We’re living in a transformational time when fintech and software are irrevocably changing the world in terms of how we conduct commerce and how we move money. With this in mind, our investment banking services are designed with a singular focus on value creation throughout the three phases of the business lifecycle: inception, maturation, and exit. 

Digitalization is the game. Value creation is the objective. You are the players. Whether you’re on the way up, or the way out, seeking capital to grow, or monetizing what you’ve built, Wellesley Hills Financial welcomes the opportunity to work with you.