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In a new world changes take place faster than previously. The speed and dimension of it are shocking. Everything you can think of was altered: politics, society, but most of all the world of finances.

People are seeking for new approaches for investment since old one are not applicable under the modern circumstances. Everyone is asking: “How should I use my money?”

There’s a company that has been operating since 2014 and serves in order to help people comprehend financial world. We see an opportunity even in complicated cases. Among a plenty of information we are able to distinguish the most crucial aspects, reveal risks, discover new markets and make our clients as knowledgeable as we are.

Noah Investments LTD is specifically created for the modern conditions. We are on the path to the new future with our customers since 2014 with the sense of dignity. New world is affluent in the opportunities, which broadens horizons and bring about huge responsibility.

What is an Investment Fund

Portfolio managers are professional investors who are in charge of an Investment Fund also called as Mutual Fund or Hedge Fund that is a diversified investment portfolio. Using a variety of financial instruments like Government bonds, Corporate bonds, equities, commodities and foreign exchange managers keep your business safe and make it grow.

Investors are able to be participants of the same investment strategy with the help of an Investment Fund that is a collective investment pool. It’s very beneficial for individual investors to use the establishment of portfolio, first of all the costs for trade are minimized, take use of professional investments skills, be legally protected avoid unnecessary risks with the highest standards of risk management.

With no need to process many transactions simultaneously and support them after it’s possible to invest into multiple financial instruments with the use of the Investment Fund.

Competent portfolio managers who have an access to global financial markets will advise what financial instrument to opt for. Their goal is to find the best opportunities in the financial environment.

Quick facts about Mutual Funds

The decaying consequences of inflation: To keep the power and the influence on the market investors need some special approaches. It’s said, that dividends can turn to a great benefit, since there’s a 90% correlation between the inflation and growth of dividends. Also dividents are serious risks management tool among skilled investors.

The search for yield: Those who are ready to a risk get profit from high-quality, dividend-paying stocks delivered from traditionally fixed income and cash deposits. Dividend-paying stocks of quality companies can cushion market volatility and Noah Investment LTD Fund managers adhere to a conservative approach to weather a range of market climates.

The increase of longevity: Developed companies that are able to expand, diversify and multiple their dividends over time are often the choice of equity income funds for investment. By doing so, they open a stable and additional source of income for investors, hedging their risks to minimum level and cutting possibility of investment portfolio's drawdown.

Unstable market prospective: Global GDP growth seems to be weak in future. Dividend-paying companies proved to outperform the broader market even in infertile financial environment. Dividend-paying stocks represent well established and healthy companies. Combining yield and growth provides long-term capital appreciation opportunities.


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Regular Income

With no effort and spend of time Noah Investment LTD is capable of generating better inflation adjusted returns for investors.
With low minimums to get started and with a total privacy our clients are ready to go.  


Our professional team helps you to pool your money along with other investors even with no possession of financial skills and knowledge from your side. There are responsible for making specific investment decisions on your behalf.  


You can get your money any second you wish by selling your share. There’s no extra or hidden charge to have capital gains and reinvestment of the dividends for the clients of Noah Investments LTD.


There are other ways to get yield in Noah Investments LTD except for investment. Bringing new investors to us you are granted with a referral commission. For more information turn to "FAQ" part. No charge to become a member and obtain daily market reports only with a registration.

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